Advanced tickets are no longer available.

Ticket Available at the Gate
for May 20th, 2018

$23 - ADULT / $18 - SR/TEEN

Buying your tickets in advance is the ultimate in savings and convenience. You not only save a substantial portion of the ticket price (Adult $23 at gate, Sr./Teen $18 ), you may walk right up to the entrance without waiting in line to buy tickets

Tickets may be charged to a PayPal account or credit card

To use a credit card:
From Cart, select “Check Out,” then click on “Don't Have a PayPal Account?”

Select “Add to Cart” for Adult or Teen/Senior Tickets.
Select “Continue Shopping” to return here to select the other if you need both.
Be sure to adjust quantities and finalize your order in the shopping cart.

Ages 18-64
Ages 10-17 or over 65
9 and Under - Free

Tickets will be mailed up until the final week before the contest.
After that, they will be available at Will-Call.